How it all started

Creation Story

The Doc

Dr Herbert Pottz is an agricultural scientist from Northern Lightz, California. He has devoted his entire life to studying & improving plant growth.

One Seed

After an abnormally wet and cold summer night destroyed most harvests in the Northern Lightz area, not much would grow as winter months approached.

The Doctor found one seed on the far end of his land. “Strange… A special seed to have survived,” he thought to himself.

The Dr planted the special seed not expecting much. Through the long cold winter the plant  flourished. Come harvest time, the plant formed the most beautiful flowering leaves, but only yielded 1 bud, which Herbert found to be weird.

The Accident

Then one day accidentally, Herbert pricked his finger while watering the rose bush next to the special plant.

The doctor jumped back with a yelp, causing him to knock his special plant to the floor breaking the pot on impact. As he re-potted the plant, pot particles and seepage from his wound remained in the soil.

The special plant refused to grow anymore. New pot, new nutrients, lots of sun, the doctor tried everything he could think of. The plant would not reproduce, and would not bud.

The Love

Soon after spring, the doc received a visitor. It was one of his favorite co-workers from Northern Lightz University, Lisa Teeva. A vibrant and nurturing Vegetation Studies scientist.

Dr. Herbert had been quite smitten with Dr Lisa in his tenure at NLU. And was always warmed by her presence.

TDr. Lisa noticed the unhealthy plant near the window. Now losing most of its foliage, looking fairly limp and meek. She talked to the plant. Laughed with it. She watered it and told Dr. Herbert his plant only needed a little more love.

The Joke

Jokingly, the Doc picked up the special plant to hug it and that's when he noticed... The bud. "It's budding!" he yelled. Dr Herbert and Dr Lisa started dancing in unison.

Unbeknownst to the scientists, inside that bud was a whole Metaverse. And one world, extremely special… The world of PottzVille.